Why should only lens paper be used to clean a microscope?

What’s the purpose of lens paper?

Microscope Lens Paper is soft, dust-free paper that is used for cleaning microscope slides and lenses without scratching the glass.

WHAT IS lens paper made of?

Description. A soft, thin, lightweight, lint-free, nonabrasive Paper designed for wrapping or polishing optical lens. Lens tissues are usually made from unbleached or Mechanical wood pulp. They have been used for interleaving, lamination, and paper repair.

Is lens paper and lens tissue the same?

Yeah, this. “Tissue paper” and “lens tissue” are not the same thing. But regardless of material, the presence of grit or any other hard particles on the lens can cause scratches, which is why lens pens have a soft brush for getting rid of the grit first before you start wiping the surface of the lens.