Which sections of an SDS tell you what the hazards are?

Section 2 – Hazard(s) identification includes the hazards of the chemical and the appropriate warning information associated with those hazards. Section 3 – Composition/information on ingredients identifies the ingredient(s) contained in the product indicated on the SDS, including impurities and stabilizing additives.

Are hazard statements on SDS?

Hazard statements provide standardized wording to indicate the hazards of a product including, when appropriate, the degree of the hazard. The GHS also has Precaution Statements which provide standardized precaution wordings. You will usually find both P- and H-statements on a label or Safety Data Sheet.

What is included in Section 12 of an SDS?

GHS Toxicological Information: SDS Section 12

Section 12 – Ecological Information – contains ecological and ecotoxicological data for both terrestrial and aquatic environments.

What is in Section 11 of the SDS?

Section 11 provides toxicological and health effects information or indicates that such data are not available. Information required in this section includes: Information on the likely routes of exposure (inhalation, ingestion, skin and eye contact). The SDS should also indicate if the information is unknown.

Which sections of an SDS tell you how do you protect yourself?

Which sections of an SDS tell you how to protect yourself? Section 7 of an SDS, handling & storage tells you how to work safely with a hazardous product and the steps you need to take in order to protect yourself.

What are the hazard categories?

GHS uses three hazard classes: Health Hazards, Physical Hazards and Environmental Hazards. These aren’t required by OSHA.

What are the 16 sections of the SDS?

Information in the SDS should be presented using the following 16 headings in the order given below:

  • Identification.
  • Hazard(s) identification.
  • Composition/information on ingredients.
  • First-aid measures.
  • Fire-fighting measures.
  • Accidental release measures.
  • Handling and Storage.
  • Exposure controls/personal protection.

How many sections are there in SDS?


The Sixteen (16) Sections of the Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

What information will you find in Section 10 of an SDS?

Section 10 – Stability and reactivity describes the reactivity hazards of the chemical and the chemical stability information. This section is broken into 3 parts: reactivity, chemical stability, and other.

Which two groups does Whmis 2015 classify hazards into?

Hazardous products are divided into two hazard groups: physical hazards and health hazards. The two hazard groups are further divided into hazard classes. Each hazard class contains at least one category. The hazard categories are assigned a number (1, 2, etc.).

Which of the following SDS sections describes first-aid procedures protective equipment and how do you contain and cleanup a spill or release?

SDS Section 6: Accidental Release

SDS Section 6: Accidental Release Measures
This section addresses accidental release measures such as the proper methods of containment and cleanup for a spill; what emergency procedure you should follow if you need to eliminate ignition sources and the type of protective equipment required during cleanup.

What are the sections of an SDS?

The SDS preparers may also include additional information in various section(s).

  • Hazard Communication Standard: Safety Data Sheets. …
  • Section 1: Identification. …
  • Section 2: Hazard(s) Identification. …
  • Section 3: Composition/Information on Ingredients. …
  • Section 4: First-Aid Measures. …
  • Section 5: Fire-Fighting Measures.

What are the 4 most important sections of SDS?

Identification: for the product and supplier. Hazards: physical (fire and reactivity) and health. Prevention: steps you can take to work safely, reduce or prevent exposure, or in an emergency. Response: appropriate responses in various situations (e.g., first-aid, fire, accidental release).

Which section of SDS includes first aid?

Section 4 covers immediate first aid measures, by route of exposure: Inhalation.

What is Section 6 of an SDS?

Section 6, Accidental release measures lists emergency procedures; protective equipment; proper methods of containment and cleanup. Section 7, Handling and storage lists precautions for safe handling and storage, including incompatibilities.