When should a peak flow meter be used?

Peak flow measurement is done 1 or more times daily at the same time of day, or whenever you are having early signs of an asthma attack. Or you should use it when directed by your healthcare provider. Use the peak flow meter (PFM) before taking asthma medicine.

What is a good lung capacity percentage?

Lung volume is measured in litres. Your predicted total lung capacity (TLC) is based on your age, height, sex and ethnicity, so results will differ from person to person. Normal results typically range between 80% and 120% of the prediction.

How do you measure lung capacity?

The total lung capacity (TLC) is the volume of gas in the lung at the end of a full inspiration. It is either calculated from: TLC = RV+IVC, or from: TLC = FRC+IC; the latter is the preferred method in body plethysmography. It can also be measured directly by the radiologic technique.

What is a high lung capacity?

High lung volume

When the lung volume is higher than normal, this may mean there is too much gas in your lungs – called lung hyperinflation. This is when gas gets trapped in the lungs and makes them inflate too much. Lung hyperinflation can happen with obstructive conditions like COPD, bronchitis and bronchiolitis.