What nerves make up the cervical plexus?

An assortment of branches arises from the cervical plexus and includes the ansa cervicalis, lesser occipital, greater auricular, supraclavicular, transverse cervical, and phrenic nerves.

How do I remember cervical plexus?


  1. Ansa cervicalis (mnemonic: Susan Saw Game Of Thrones) Sternohyoid nerve (C1 – C3) Sternothyroid nerve (C1 – C3) …
  2. Phrenic nerve (contributed mainly by C4, with little fibres from C3 and C5)
  3. Muscular branches to prevertebral, sternocleidomastoid and levator scapulae muscles.

What are the branches of the cervical plexus?

The cervical plexus has two types of branches: cutaneous and muscular. Cutaneous (4 branches): Lesser occipital nerve – innervates the skin and the scalp posterosuperior to the auricle (C2) Great auricular nerve – innervates skin near concha auricle (outer ear) and external acoustic meatus (ear canal) (C2&C3)

What is a major nerve of the cervical plexus?

Cervical levels C1–C4 are the main contributors to the group of nerves called the cervical plexus; in addition, small branches of the plexus link C1 and C2 with the vagus nerve, C1 and C2 with the hypoglossal nerve, and C2–C4 with the accessory nerve.

What is the clinical significance of cervical plexus?

The function of the cervical plexus is to provide skeletal muscle control of the neck and upper torso as well as providing cutaneous sensation to parts of the occiput, neck, and shoulder. The greater occipital nerve originates from the second cervical nerve independent of the cervical plexus.

What makes up the cervical plexus?

Made up of divisions of the five uppermost spinal nerves, C1 through C5, the nerves of the cervical plexus divide into smaller nerve branches, each dedicated to its own function.

What muscles are innervated by the cervical plexus?

The muscular branches pass deeply from the plexus to supply the rhomboids, the serratus anterior, the sternocleidomastoid, the trapezius, levator scapulae, and the scalenus medius. There are also branches that supply the muscles of the suboccipital triangle.

Is cervical plexus and brachial plexus same?

The cervical plexus is formed from the C1–C4 spinal roots and is located in the lateral neck. It is the smallest of the plexuses. In comparison to the brachial plexus, iatrogenic neuropathies of the cervical plexus are rare or unrecognized.