What nerve Innervates the corrugator Supercilii?

the facial nervebranches of the facial nerve.

Which nerve Innervates the corrugator supercilii muscle?

the facial nerve

A plexus mainly from the inferior ramus partly from the middle ramus of the temporal branch of the facial nerve enters the corrugator supercilii muscle in the supraorbital area.

What does the corrugator supercilii muscle do?

The corrugator supercilii muscles are two small, triangular facial muscles, which contribute to movement of the eyebrows, including frowning.

Why is it called corrugator supercilii?

Etymology. The name corrugator supercilii comes from Latin, and means wrinkler of the eyebrows.

What branch of facial nerve Innervates procerus?


Innervation. Innervation to procerus comes from the temporal, lower zygomatic or buccal branches of facial nerve (CN VII).

Where can I find corrugator supercilii?

Most of the corrugator muscle is located under the eyebrow, except for the most medial and superior portion, where the corrugator fibers are superior to the eyebrow. The medial third of the muscle, however, does not appear to traverse through the orbicularis oculi to the dermis.

What is depressor Supercilii?

The depressor supercilii is an eye muscle of the human body. The nature of this muscle is in some dispute. Few printed anatomies include it (Netter, et al.) and many authorities consider it to be part of the orbicularis oculi muscle.

What nerve Innervates the Buccinator muscle?

The Trigeminal Nerve

On its extracranial course, it divides into three main branches: the buccal, mental, and auriculotemporal nerves. The buccal nerve pierces the skin on the face behind the ramus of the mandible, passes in front of the masseter, and innervates the skin anteriorly of the buccinator muscle.

Where is the depressor Labii Inferioris?

chin area

The depressor labii inferioris is located in the chin area. Muscles attach to bone or tissue at two or more places. If the muscle attaches to a bone that doesn’t move during the action of that muscle, the attachment is called an origin.

What is the levator Anguli Oris?

Levator anguli oris is a paired strap-like muscle of the face, located above the angles of the lips. It belongs to a large group of muscles of facial expression called the buccolabial group.

What Innervates orbicularis oris?

Innervation. Like other facial muscles, the orbicularis oris is innervated by the buccal and mandibular branches of facial nerve (CN VII).

What nerve Innervates the Nasalis?

the facial nerve

Like all facial muscles, nasalis is derived from the second pharyngeal arch and thus is innervated by the facial nerve (CN VII). This muscle dilates the nostrils, depresses the ala nasi (nostril wings) laterally and wrinkles the nasal skin.

What is orbicularis oris?

Introduction. Orbicularis oris muscle, also known as musculus orbicularis oris is a complex, multi-layered muscle which attaches through a thin, superficial musculoaponeurotic system to the dermis of the upper lip and lower lip and serves as an attachment site for many other facial muscles around the oral region.

What is the action of the orbicularis oculi or orbicularis oris muscle?

Orbicularis oculi

Origin Nasal part of frontal bone, frontal process of maxilla, medial palpebral ligament, lacrimal bone
Actions Orbital part: Closes eyelids tightly Palpebral part: Closes eyelids gently Deep palpebral part: Compresses lacrimal sac
Innervation Temporal and zygomatic branches of facial nerve (CN VII)

How is orbicularis oris named?

This is another circular muscle that is found within the lips. It closes the mouth and protrudes the lips. This muscle has a name that associates it with a “horn blower”. Its fibers run horizontal in the cheeks and attach to the orbicularis oris.

Which are attachments of the orbicularis oris quizlet?

The orbicularis is the muscle that attaches at the modiolus (angle) of the mouth and inserts in the tissue of the lips.

What is the action of the levator Palpebrae Superioris?

The function of the levator palpebrae superioris muscle is to raise the upper eyelid and to maintain the upper eyelid position. The levator palpebrae superioris muscle origin is the periosteum of the lesser wing of the sphenoid bone, superior to the optic foramen.

What is the action of the orbicularis oris quizlet?

Insertion: orbicularis oris. Action: draws corner of mouth laterally. Compresses cheek (as in whistling).

What nerve Innervates the Zygomaticus minor muscle?

facial nerve

Zygomaticus minor is innervated by the zygomatic and buccal branches of facial nerve (CN VII).

What is the origin and insertion of the orbicularis oculi?

The orbicularis oculi muscle originates from the front surface of the eye socket rim, which is officially called the orbital margin. From the orbital margin, the muscle extends inward and inserts on to the lateral palpebral raphe, which is a ligament located on the outer part of the eye socket.

What does the depressor Anguli Oris do?

Function. Depressor anguli oris pulls the angle of the mouth inferolaterally. Its action plays an important part in facial expression, as it helps expressing feelings of sadness or anger.

Where is depressor anguli oris?

As it was already mentioned, the depressor anguli oris muscle is located in the lower jaw. Specifically, this muscle originates from the oblique line of the mandible.

What is the antagonist to the levator anguli oris?

Depressor labii inferioris muscle

Depressor labii
Insertion integument of the lower lip, Orbicularis oris fibers, its fellow of the opposite side
Nerve marginal mandibular branch of the facial nerve
Actions depression of the lower lip
Antagonist orbicularis oris muscle

What is the antagonist to depressor anguli oris?

zygomatic muscles

The “crooked” or asymmetrical smile after Bell’s palsy happens when depressor anguli oris muscle on the affected side is unnecessarily activated together with zygomatic muscles, which are its antagonists.

What are the 5 muscles of facial expression?