What is the solubility of acetaminophen?

Is acetaminophen highly soluble in water?

Acetaminophen is a common low water-soluble drug whose solubility could be increased using various methods, including addition of a pharmaceutical cosolvent.

What makes acetaminophen soluble?

Paracetamol is soluble in alcohols, but the solubility decreases with an increase in the length of the carbon chain in the n-alcohol homologous series (methanol to 1-octanol). The solubility of paracetamol in water is much lower than in other polar solvents such as the alcohols.

Is acetaminophen soluble in organic solvent?

Acetaminophen is soluble in organic solvents such as ethanol, DMSO, and dimethyl formamide (DMF), which should be purged with an inert gas. The solubility of acetaminophen in ethanol and DMF is approximately 25 mg/ml and approximately 20 mg/ml in DMSO.

What is acetaminophen not soluble in?

They are all insoluble in water and common organic solvents. On the other hand, the solubilities of the three components are different in different solvents. For example, aspirin and caffeine are soluble in dichloromethane while acetaminophen is not.

What solvent is acetaminophen most soluble in?

Ethanol would be the best solvent because it can dissolve the most acetaminophen per 100 mL.