What is the Presacral area?

The presacral space is the area between the rectum and lowest part of your the spine, which is called the sacrum. The presacral space is inside the pelvis, behind the rectum and in front of the coccyx and sacrum. Normally it is empty, or it contains a pocket of fat.

What is presacral tumor?

Presacral tumors refer to a group of rare and heterogeneous tumors that occur in the potential space between the rectum and the sacrum (1, 2) (Figure 1). Most of the published papers on these tumors are single case reports or studies on a limited number of cases.

What is presacral abscess?

A presacral abscess was defined as a localized abscess positioned anterior of the sacrum on CT scan (with rectal contrast) without the presence of a fecal general peritonitis based on anastomotic leakage.

What causes presacral edema?

Causes of increased pre-sacral space are: ulcerative colitis, granulomatous colitis, lymphogranuloma venereum, and in postirradiation changes, thrombosis of the inferior vena cava and tuberculous proctitis, tumor of the sacrum or posterior wall of the rectum.

What is presacral cyst?

Also referred to as retrorectal tumors, presacral tumors are rare tumors that develop in the area between the rectum and lowest part of the spine (or back of the pelvis) called the sacrum. The tumor can come in a variety of lesions, ranging from a cyst to a mass that can invade surrounding structures.

Can your pelvis be removed?

Pelvic exenteration is an operation (surgery) to remove multiple organs in the pelvis. The internal reproductive organs (the ovaries, womb, cervix and vagina) are removed. Depending on the type of pelvic exenteration the surgeon may also remove: the bladder.

Is the rectum near the sacrum?

The rectum is a part of the lower gastrointestinal tract. The rectum is a continuation of the sigmoid colon, and connects to the anus. The rectum follows the shape of the sacrum and ends in an expanded section called an ampulla where feces is stored before its release via the anal canal.

What is a sacral chordoma?

Sacral chordoma is a rare tumour that represents the most common malignancy of the sacral region. Its diagnosis can be delayed because of unclear clinical manifestation. This tumour can involve surrounding anatomical structure such as the rectum, and its surgical treatment is still challenging.