What is the central idea of the hot zone?

Globalization. Throughout The Hot Zone, Richard Preston emphasizes how globalization has made worldwide pandemics a real and present danger for the human race. When Charles Monet falls ill at the beginning of the book, he boards an airplane, an act that could easily have spread Ebola throughout the world.

What best describes this summary of the central idea The Hot Zone?

What best describes this summary of the central idea? It is a strong summary because it is objective and accurately expresses the paragraph’s central idea.

What is the authors main purpose for including this paragraph The Hot Zone?

What is the author’s main purpose for including this paragraph? To entertain readers by illustrating how dramatic the situation is.

What are the three priorities hot zone?

They set up a series of priorities: Priority One is to ensure the safety of the human population. Priority Two is to euthanize the animals as humanely as possible. Priority Three is to gather scientific samples to learn more about the strain.

What disease is in The Hot Zone?

The Hot Zone, a six-part National Geographic miniseries that premieres Monday night, is based on a true story about Ebola. In 1989, a shipment of monkeys from the Philippines arrived at a private commercial lab in Reston, Va. The intention was to use the macaques for testing. Only many of them died.

What was Richard Preston’s primary purpose in writing The Hot Zone?

1 Answer. Richard Preston’s primary purpose in writing The Hot Zone was to inform readers.

What is the central idea of the first paragraph of the dark game quizlet?

How does the first paragraph of The Dark Game best support the central idea that the Civil War was a long war? –It shares the detail that the war lasted four years. -It states what people believed about the war at the time.

Which detail supports the idea that Branch Rickey is personally involved in his players struggle for acceptance?

The hotel manager wasn’t happy about the idea, but he gave in. Which detail supports the idea that Branch Rickey is personally involved in his players’ struggle for acceptance? “The hotel management registered the coach and team but refused to assign a room to a black player named Charley Thomas.

Is the show hot zone based on a true story?

The second season of National Geographic’s scripted anthology series THE HOT ZONE, which premiered in 2019 with a season about the Ebola outbreak, is based on the true story of the investigation into the mailer of the Anthrax letters sent around the U.S. weeks after 9/11.

Who dies in The Hot Zone?

By the fourth episode, however, the outbreak seems to be contained to a medical research facility in Reston, and all that’s left for the series to do is kill a bunch of monkeys. Spoilers: The monkeys die.

What does the expression off the plastic mean?

What does “off the plastic” mean? The dead cells had detached from the surface of the flask and had floated away in the broth. What is the significance of Jahrling and Geisbert smelling the flask?

How were monkeys and guinea pigs used in kitum cave like canaries?

The monkeys and guinea pigs were sentinel animals, like canaries in a coal mine: they would be placed in cages inside and near Kitum Cave in the hope that some of them would break with Marburg virus.

How many particles does it take to cause an Ebola infection?

Fourth, the infectious dose for Ebola viruses in humans appears to be extremely low, with 10 or fewer viral particles being sufficient for infection (36).

What room does Dalgard give the army permission to enter and euthanize the monkeys?

Where does Dalgard agree to deliver monkey samples to the team from USAMRIID? At a gas station. What infectious virus has Peter studied in Bolivia?

What does Jerry Jaax wear for his work in the monkey house?

What do Jerry Jaax and Mark Haines wear for their work in the monkey house? Radical orange suits.

What happened to Jerry in the hot zone?

Following the events of 1989 and after stellar military careers, Jerry and Nancy returned to Manhattan. Jerry joined the university and served in a prominent research leadership position to further the university’s biodefense mission.

Why did the Reston workers not put on spacesuits outside before entering the monkey house?

Laboratory Monkey.” Colonel Peters is quoted extensively in the story, but he asserts that the military operation at Reston is nothing more than routine. To help maintain this image, the team members are all dressed in civilian clothing and do not put on space suits until they enter the monkey house.