What is ROM knee brace?

Knee Brace controls and restricts degree of flexion of the knee joint through a multi-point fixation system to allow a range of motion or immobilization to the knee. Universal design allows it to be used on most patients and for multiple orthopedic problems.

What does a ROM brace do?

To restrict some knee movements to protect your knee during rehabilitation. The joint can be locked to stop some bending and/or straightening of your knee. The brace also provides some support at the side of your knee.

How do you put on a ROM knee brace?

Place the brace on the leg. And line both the dials with center of the knee. Make sure to keep the thigh side of the brace in upward. Position.

What are the three types of knee braces?

According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons,5 knee braces fit into several categories: (1) prophylactic—braces intended to prevent or reduce the severity of knee injuries in contact sports; (2) functional—braces designed to provide stability for unstable knees; and (3) rehabilitative—braces designed to …

What is a Richard splint?

Your Richard splint

Richard splints are prescribed to restrict or limit motion at the knee joint. This may be necessary to: • Protect the knee joint prior to surgical repair following an injury.

How do you use a rigid splint?

Place the splint

Carefully place the homemade splint so that it rests on the joint above the injury and the joint below it. For example, if you’re splinting a forearm, place the rigid support item under the forearm. Then, tie or tape it to the arm just below the wrist and above the elbow.