What is LigaSure?

LigaSure is a bipolar clamping device used in open and laparoscopic surgeries for producing haemostasis in vascular pedicles up to 7 mm in diameter (“Covidien LigaSure technology: consistent, reliable, trusted vessel sealing,” 2012).

What is LigaSure technology?

LigaSure vessel sealing technology works by applying a precise amount of bipolar energy and pressure to fuse the collagen and elastin in the vessel walls. It effectively seals vessels 1 to 7 mm in diameter with minimal sticking, charring, or thermal spread.

What is the difference between LigaSure and harmonic scalpel?

Unlike the LigaSure, the Harmonic scalpel is also able to cut through tissue as it coagulates. Both the LigaSure device and Harmonic scalpel have been demonstrated to be safe in numerous papers [17-20].

Is LigaSure an electrosurgery?

It also offers minimal sticking, tissue charring, and thermal spread, unlike standard bipolar, and monopolar electrosurgery. Ligasure technology can be found in the Valleylab Ligasure, ForceTriad and FT10 Electrosurgical Generators.

Is LigaSure single use?

The most commonly used vessel-sealing instruments, such as LigaSure® and Caiman®, are designed for a single use.

What kind of energy is LigaSure?

LigaSure™ uses a combination of pressure and continuous bipolar energy to create vessel fusion. LigaSure™ seals vessels by applying high, uniform mechanical compression while monitoring and adjusting energy delivery to the tissue.

What is LigaSure impact?

LigaSure Impact™ Curved, Large Jaw, Open Sealer/Divider with Nano-coating Technology. A multifunctional tissue fusion system, featuring an integrated cutting mechanism for use in open procedures.

What is Harmonic Ace?

HARMONIC ACE+ Shears can be used for coagulation and transection of vessels up to 5 mm and handle multiple surgical jobs with precision including dissection, sealing, transection, and otomy creation. The refined blade design includes a tapered tip with a proprietary, nonstick coating.

How does harmonic scalpel work?

A harmonic scalpel cuts via vibration. The scalpel surface itself cuts through tissue by vibrating in the range of 55,500 Hz. The high frequency vibration of tissue molecules generates stress and friction in tissue, which generates heat and causes protein denaturation.

What are the advantages of the harmonic scalpel?

Its main advantages include precise dissection, reliable hemostasis, less lateral thermal spread and charring mainly works by applying pressure and then sealing with a denatured protein coagulum while applying ultrasonic vibration to denature hydrogen bonds perform vessel coagulation [2].

Is LigaSure reusable?

Our latest innovation, the LigaSure™ curved jaw device, brings proven LigaSure™ technology to a cost effective device. It is comprised of a single use electrode and a reusable clamp and is intended for use in open surgical procedures where ligation and division of vessels, tissue bundles, and lymphatics is desired.

Does LigaSure cut tissue?

The LigaSure Impact™ sealer/divider can grasp, seal, and cut tissue independently — or you can perform all three in one step. The device’s large jaws also: Enable fast transection. Minimize the need for multiple activations.

Can you reuse LigaSure?

Clinical significance: Surgeons reusing and resterilizing LigaSure handsets (ForceTriad platform) should consider discarding handsets after 9 cycles for the Small Jaw and after 16 cycles for the Impact. Handsets should be immediately discarded after any intraoperative identification of vascular seal failure.