What is Gallup XL used for?

Gallup XL is a foliar acting herbicide that controls annual and perennial grasses and most broad-leaved weeds when used as directed. It is translocated from treated vegetative growth to underground roots, rhizomes or stolons.

Is Gallup XL any good?

It is not cheap but by gum it does what it is meant to and that is kill the weeds stone dead. It takes about 10 days to start working. I use it on my driveway every yearend it kills all the weeds between the paving blocks. I use it once a year and that is all that is needed.

How does Gallup XL work?

Gallup XL is a non hazardous, strong, systemic, weed killer with 360g/l of Glyphosate for the control of most broad leaved weeds and grasses. As it is a systemic herbicide it is absorbed through the leaf and stalk to kill the entire weed.

How long does Gallup XL take to work?

Application Information for Gallup XL

It may take up to 14 days to see destruction of treated weeds, do not apply more product before 14 days. Weeds should be thoroughly wetted with the spray solution but not until there is a run-off.

How long does it take for Gallup to work?

Providing that you have diluted and applied the product as directed then within 3-6 days you will see your treated areas changing. Initially the weeds begin to look a little ‘under the weather’ then, as the days pass, they will droop and their colour will start to change. One application is all that is required.

How much is Gallup XL per litre of water?

Will this product Gallup XL kill privet. Please mix 25ml per 1L water and a repeat application will be required.

How do you mix Gallup XL?

1) What is the dilution rate for Gallup H&G, Gallup XL or Gallup Biograde 360 in a knapsack sprayer? Add 24 millilitres of product to 1 litre water to treat an area of 40 square metres.

How do you use Gallup weedkiller?

Application Information

Knapsack application: Add 24mls of Gallup Home & Garden to 1 litre of water to treat up to 40 square metres (5m x 8m). Shake/agitate the mixture thoroughly before use. Use immediately after mixing. Apply when weeds are actively growing and have adequate leaf area to absorb the spray.