What is an o2 trainer?

THE OFFICIAL BAS RUTTEN RESPIRATORY TRAINING DEVICE – Designed by Bas Rutten himself to increase inspiratory (inhalation) muscle endurance, the O2 Trainer is a lightweight breathing device that regulates air intake and improves muscle oxygen efficiency during exercise.

Are lung trainers good?

The majority of studies have found that training the respiratory muscles appears to be an effective ergogenic aid for exercise performance. Nevertheless, there has been some controversy regarding the efficacy of training the respiratory muscles to improve exercise tolerance (42, 55).

What is inspiratory muscle strength training?

What is Inspiratory Muscle Training (IMT)? IMT is a form of resistance (weight) training which strengthens the muscles that you use to breathe. When these muscles are strengthened regularly for a period of a few weeks they adapt, becoming stronger and being able to work for longer.

How do you use a breathing training device?

When you're ready to begin your treatment. Sit up and place the mouthpiece in your mouth. Seal. It with your lips breathe. In as deep.

How do you clean an o2 Trainer?

Quote from video:
A question about cleaning the o2 trainer very simple pull of the cap. Pull up the cap warm water soap. Just dishwashing soap and just rinse it and later on warm water rinse it again flip.

Do breathe trainers work?

A second study found significant improvements using Powerbreathe. Researchers assessed the effects of inspiratory muscle training by studying young fit cyclists. Participants cycled to exhaustion before and after using Powerbreathe daily for three weeks. Their performance increased and fatigue decreased.

What is a respiratory trainer?

Respiratory muscle trainers are hand held devices designed to strengthen the muscles of inspiration and expiration. These portable devices are easy to use and beneficial for anyone interested in developing power and endurance of their breathing muscles.

How often use O2 trainer?

Using the unit O2 Trainer 4 times a week, during intense conditioning workouts should be enough. You are training your lung and diaphragm muscles and they will be getting a powerful workout; to maximize their strength they do need a chance to rest!