What is an Enseal device?

Enseal® X1. ENSEAL® X1 Large Jaw Tissue Sealer instrument is a dedicated bipolar electrosurgical instrument intended for use in open surgical procedures where ligation and division of vessels is desired. It is a bipolar instrument for use with the Ethicon Generator G11 (GEN 11).

What is Enseal used for?

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The jaws are designed for grasping and holding targeted tissue when clamped. The lower jaw of the ncl x1 tissue sealer can be used in the open or closed. Position to deliver bipolar.

Who makes ENSEAL?

About Ethicon Endo-Surgery Advanced Energy

ENSEAL® advanced bipolar devices are strong on sealing, yet gentle on tissue. With complete and strong seals, the I-BLADE® delivers uniform compression across the entire length of the jaw and seal strength that withstands up to seven times normal systolic pressure[2].

What is LigaSure device?

LigaSure is a bipolar clamping device used in open and laparoscopic surgeries for producing haemostasis in vascular pedicles up to 7 mm in diameter (“Covidien LigaSure technology: consistent, reliable, trusted vessel sealing,” 2012).

Is Enseal bipolar?

ENSEAL® X1 Large Jaw Tissue Sealer. Designed for use in vessel sealing during open surgical procedures, ENSEAL X1 Large Jaw Tissue Sealer is an advanced bipolar device that provides better hemostasis, less thermal spread, and improved ergonomics compared to LigaSure Impact™.

How does a harmonic scalpel work?

Mechanism. A harmonic scalpel cuts via vibration. The scalpel surface itself cuts through tissue by vibrating in the range of 55,500 Hz. The high frequency vibration of tissue molecules generates stress and friction in tissue, which generates heat and causes protein denaturation.

What is LigaSure impact?

LigaSure Impact™ Curved, Large Jaw, Open Sealer/Divider with Nano-coating Technology. A multifunctional tissue fusion system, featuring an integrated cutting mechanism for use in open procedures.

What is the difference between LigaSure and harmonic scalpel?

Unlike the LigaSure, the Harmonic scalpel is also able to cut through tissue as it coagulates. Both the LigaSure device and Harmonic scalpel have been demonstrated to be safe in numerous papers [17-20].

Does LigaSure cut tissue?

The LigaSure Impact™ sealer/divider can grasp, seal, and cut tissue independently — or you can perform all three in one step. The device’s large jaws also: Enable fast transection. Minimize the need for multiple activations.

How much does a LigaSure cost?

The LigaSure system requires an initial purchase of a generator at a cost of $25,000. The 10-mm LigaSure device (short handed for open surgery) is disposable and is sold for $500.

What is a LigaSure device for hemorrhoidectomy?

Ligasure™ hemorrhoidectomy is a sutureless, closed hemorrhoidectomy technique dependent on a modified electro-surgical unit to achieve tissue and vessel sealing. It is safe and effective, has less blood loss, postoperative pain and complications compared to conventional hemorrhoidectomy.

What is the thermal spread of LigaSure?

Thermal spread caused by LigaSure and Harmonic scalpel is limited to areas less than 1.5 mm and 1.6 mm beyond the tissue bundle or vessel, respectively. Ultrasonic energy delivered through a harmonic scalpel has been shown to be safe and to produce minimal damage to the surrounding tissues.

What is thermal spread?

Thermal spread injuries are caused by instruments or devices that use heat to cauterize tissues and vessels during surgery. The word “spread” means that the heat can also unintentionally extend to adjacent areas and cauterize them too. The thermal spread might only be a millimeter or two.

Is LigaSure monopolar or bipolar?

LigaSure (bipolar vessel sealing) technology is a radiofrequency-driven bipolar electrosurgical device. A tissue-based feedback program is used to regulate the dose of energy administered, which is appropriate for bulk tissue or vessel density, and the aim is to limit the heat generated in the target tissue.

Is Bovie monopolar or bipolar?

The Bovie Specialist | PRO gives the surgeon a multipurpose generator to be used in the modern office or surgi-center. It has both monopolar and bipolar functions and will satisfy a multitude of surgical requirements while staying safe, flexible, convenient, and affordable.

What is monopolar energy?

In a monopolar electrosurgical procedure, a pencil-like electrode is used to cut the target tissue and/or coagulate bleeding. A return electrode pad is utilized and attached to the patient and safely retrieves energy that passes through the body..

What is monopolar diathermy?

Diathermy entails the implementation of high-frequency electrical currents to produce heat and either make incisions or induce coagulation. Monopolar cautery involves disposable cautery pencils and electrosurgical diathermy units.

What is monopolar cautery?

monopolar electrocautery (unipolar electrocautery) an electrocautery in which current is applied through a handheld active electrode and travels back to the generator through an inactive electrode attached to the patient (the grounding pad), so that the patient is part of the electrical circuit.

What is the difference between bipolar and monopolar?

For example, bipolar electrosurgery typically involves lower voltage (requiring less energy) and is targeted toward smaller areas. Monopolar electrosurgery is versatile, with modalities including cut, blend, desiccation, and fulguration, and is effective for large areas.

Whats the difference between monopolar and bipolar?

In monopolar action, the electrical current oscillates between the surgeon’s electrode, through the patient’s body, until it meets the ‘grounding plate’ (typically positioned underneath the patient’s leg) to complete the circuit. In bipolar diathermy, the two electrodes are found on the instrument itself.