What happens if you walk on a tibial plateau fracture?

Athletes suffering from tibial plateau fractures usually complain of swelling, pain and an inability to walk or move the leg. A major concern with this injury is having swelling compress the nerves and blood vessels inside the knee joint. This so-called “compartment syndrome” can lead to death of tissues.

Can you walk on a fractured tibial plateau?

After you break your tibial plateau it will be very painful, and you will most likely not be able to walk on it. You will likely need to go to an emergency room because of the pain.

Can you walk on a nondisplaced tibial plateau fracture?

With a non-displaced tibial plateau fracture, the injury can be treated without surgery using a cast or a brace along with a conventional physiotherapy course. However, a non-displaced tibial plateau fracture usually requires an extended period (about 3 months) of protection from walking.

Can you bend your knee with a tibial plateau fracture?

Can I bend my knee after tibial plateau fracture? Yes, bending the knee can start immediately after tibial plateau fracture if you did not have surgery. If you had surgery then you can start bending the knee to 90 degrees 1 week after surgery.

How long is non weight bearing after tibial plateau fracture?

Patients with tibial plateau fractures will be instructed to touch down (toe touch or foot flat) weight bear (approximately 10% of body weight) for at least 6 weeks. After the 6 week post op visit, patients may begin weight bearing as tolerated until full weight bearing is achieved.

When can I walk after tibial plateau fracture surgery?

Patients will need to use a walker or crutches for the first 6 weeks. Gentle motion of the knee is begun early to prevent stiffness. Gradually this motion is increased and physical therapy is begun around 6 weeks after surgery if the patient has residual knee or ankle stiffness.

What exercises can I do with a tibial plateau fracture?

Exercises might include aggressive gait training (progressively putting more weight on the injured leg) and lower body strengthing exercises like squats, calve raises, bridges, and leg raises.

Can I drive with a tibial plateau fracture?

months before it is safe for you to drive. You must have full control of your leg, discontinue use of brace, AND be off narcotic medications completely in order to drive. work and over 3 months for heavy work.

How do you break a tibial plateau?

Tibial plateau fractures are typically caused by a strong force on the lower leg with the leg in varus or valgus position, or simultaneous vertical stress and flexion of the knee. Commonly seen in road traffic accidents, sports accidents with a high velocity such as skiing, horse riding, and certain water sports.