What does HPB MDT mean?

The Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic (HPB) Cancer Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) is a well-established group of experts with a specialist interest in the diagnosis, treatment and management of people with cancers of the liver, biliary tree and pancreas.

What does HPB mean in medical terms?

HPB (Hepato-Pancreatico-Biliary) surgery is a subspecialty of surgery specific to benign and malignant diseases of the liver, pancreas and biliary tree.

Is HPB cancerous?

Hepato Pancreatic Biliary (HPB) cancer research

Hepato pancreatic biliary cancers include cancer of the pancreas, liver and biliary system.

What is HPB malignancy?

Hepato-pancreato-biliary (HPB) cancers include malignant or cancerous tumours originating in the cells of the liver, bile ducts, pancreas and gallbladder.

Is the HPV vaccine only for females?

The vaccines were originally recommended only for girls and young women and were subsequently broadened to include boys and young men. This factsheet discusses HPV and related cancers, use of the HPV vaccines for both females and males, and insurance coverage and access to the vaccines.

Is HPV curable?

There is no cure for the virus (HPV) itself. There are treatments for the health problems that HPV can cause, such as genital warts, cervical changes, and cervical cancer. What should I know about genital warts? There are many treatment choices for genital warts.

What are symptoms of HPV in females?

HPV can infect cells in the vagina and around the vulva. If a female has low risk HPV, they may see warts on the vulva. These warts may present as: a cluster that looks like a cauliflower.
Some symptoms of vaginal cancer include :

  • bleeding after sex.
  • unusual discharge.
  • a lump in the vagina.
  • pain while having sex.

Should I get my son the HPV vaccine?

HPV vaccine is cancer prevention.

Vaccinate your son or daughter when they are 11 or 12 to protect them against HPV cancers later in life. Learn why all 11-12 year old boys and girls should get the HPV vaccine. HPV can cause six types of cancer in men and women. HPV vaccination can prevent these cancers.