What does HIV do to the heart?

HIV speeds up the ageing of the immune system and inflames it, which can make cardiovascular diseases more likely. Untreated HIV increases the risk of heart disease, but starting treatment right away after diagnosis can reduce these risks.

Does HIV cause heart failure?

People living with HIV are at a greater risk for incident heart failure, with those with higher viral loads and lower CD4+ T cell counts having the greatest risk. People living with HIV are twice as likely to develop cardiovascular disease than noninfected individuals.

Does HIV make your heart beat faster?

Symptoms often include terrible night sweats, fast heart rate, and extreme fatigue. This is the stage when the amount of HIV in someone’s blood, or their “viral load” is extremely high, making them more likely to pass the virus on to others.

Does HIV cause heart pain?

Unhealthy lifestyles and untreated HIV contribute to heart attacks, diabetes, stroke and high blood pressure. Symptoms can include tiredness, breathlessness, an irregular heartbeat and chest pains. If anti-HIV drugs are contributing to heart problems, it may be possible to switch to other drugs.