Is Temaril P the same as prednisone?

Trimeprazine tartrate with prednisolone (brand names: Temaril-P®, Vanectyl-P®) is a combination of an antihistamine and a corticosteroid used to treat itchiness (due to mostly allergies) or suppress cough. The combination is designed to decrease the amount of prednisone used.

What is the difference between Temaril-P and prednisone?

Temaril-P contains two ingredients. Trimeprazine, an antihistamine, reduces coughing and itching. The second active ingredient, PrednisoLONE, is a corticosteroid that reduces allergic reactions and inflammation.

Can I give my dog Temaril-P and prednisone?

(trimeprazine with prednisolone)
TEMARIL-P is indicated for dogs to relieve allergic itch. Its synergistic combination of antihistamine and corticosteroid may allow for lower doses of corticosteroids.

How many mg of prednisone is in Temaril-P?

DESCRIPTION. Each tablet contains trimeprazine tartrate (USP) 10-[3-(Dimethylamino)-2-methylpropyl] phenothiazine tartrate (2:1) equivalent to trimeprazine, 5 mg, and prednisolone, 2 mg.

What are side effects of Temaril-P?

Possible side effects of Temaril-P:
Trimeprazine can cause drowsiness, tremors and muscle weakness. Prednisolone may cause symptoms of Cushing’s disease which include increased thirst, urination and hunger as well as vomiting and diarrhea.

How long can a dogs take Temaril-P?

Temaril-P ( Trimeprazine / Prednisolone)
If your dog is otherwise healthy, there’s little risk of complications, and the cough and other symptoms will pass – but that can take more than three weeks.

What can be used in place of prednisone for dogs?

BETA-THYM provides relief without the dangerous side-effects, which offers a safe alternative to reduce chronic inflammation. It is recommended by many holistic vets for inflammatory problems of all sorts.

Is Temaril-P an anti-inflammatory?

Action: The exclusive Temaril-P formula combines the antipruritic and antitussive action of trimeprazine with the anti-inflammatory action of prednisolone. A therapeutic effect is attained by administering the tablets twice daily.

When should you give your dog Temaril-P?

Temaril-P® may be used to treat to animals with acute or chronic bacterial infections that are already being treated with antibiotics or chemotherapy. This drug is also often used to treat skin disorders of dogs. It often relieves itchiness that other drugs have been unsuccessful against.

Can dogs take Temaril-P everyday?

Recommended Dosage
The weight of the dog’s initial dosage is as follows: up to 10 lb take 1/2 tablet twice daily, 11–20 lb take 1 tablet twice daily, 21–40 lb take 2 tablets twice daily and over 40 lb take 3 tablets twice daily.

Does Temaril make dogs aggressive?

Some of the most common side effects of Temaril-P in dogs include upset stomach, diarrhea, vomiting, excessive food ingestion, extreme thirst, weight gain, dry and dull hair coat, panting, frequent urination, viciousness, aggressive behavior, lethargy, depression, muscle wasting and hypotension (low blood pressure).

Can Temaril-P cause Cushing’s disease in dogs?

Common medications such as prednisone and temaril-p are used long term to treat conditions such as allergies and immune diseases. If not monitored carefully these can lead to something called Iatrogenic Cushing’s disease.

What antihistamine is in Temaril-P?


Temaril-P contains trimeprazine and prednisolone. Trimeprazine is an antihistamine, which helps relieve itching and coughing.