How long does it take for soda to rot your teeth?

Tiny bacteria live between and around teeth and, when exposed to the sugar in soft drinks, produce an acid that causes damage to tooth enamel, which eventually leads to decay and cavities. And it doesn’t take long—this acid can begin to wreak havoc in only 20 minutes!

Does soda disintegrate your teeth?

Soda consumption has been linked to a number of health issues including obesity, diabetes and osteoporosis and it is no secret that soda can cause tooth decay. Soda consumption has increased throughout the past decade and is currently one of the leading causes of tooth decay.

How long does it take for your teeth to erode?

While alarming in itself, researchers have now shown that acid-caused tooth erosion, which could last for life, can occur within the first 30 seconds of exposure.

What soda rots your teeth the most?

Tip #4: Kick the Cola

Cola is the worst for your teeth. It’s one of the most acidic types of soda, and it contains dark artificial colors. To reduce the damage to your teeth, switch from colas to less acidic sodas, especially root beer, which is much less acidic.

Does soda permanently damage teeth?

Erosion: The acids that result from drinking soda weaken tooth enamel. This thin, outermost layer of your teeth protects them from daily use such as chewing, biting and grinding. When enamel erodes, the sensitive dentine layer underneath is exposed, making the tooth more susceptible to damage, including decay.

How do you know your teeth are decaying?


  1. Toothache, spontaneous pain or pain that occurs without any apparent cause.
  2. Tooth sensitivity.
  3. Mild to sharp pain when eating or drinking something sweet, hot or cold.
  4. Visible holes or pits in your teeth.
  5. Brown, black or white staining on any surface of a tooth.
  6. Pain when you bite down.

Can a cavity go away?

Cavities don’t go away on their own. Cavities slowly expand to the point where they can move into the pulp and pulp chamber of your tooth, causing you pain – which could eventually lead to needing a root canal. Therefore, try to get to the dentist as soon as you notice a cavity.

How do dentists feel about soda?

Dentists have also been warning their patients about the negative impact soda consumption can have on their oral health, but for the most part, the warnings have fallen on deaf ears.

Does enamel grow back?

Once tooth enamel is damaged, it cannot be brought back. However, weakened enamel can be restored to some degree by improving its mineral content. Although toothpastes and mouthwashes can never “rebuild” teeth, they can contribute to this remineralization process.

Why do my teeth hurt when I drink soda?

Causes tooth sensitivity.

When your teeth lose enamel, they are more likely to become sensitive to hot or cold foods and beverages. By eroding enamel and exposing deeper layers of the tooth, drinking soda can result tooth sensitivity and pain.

Can a dentist tell if you do drugs?

When dentists say, “open wide,” they can see a treasure trove of information about your overall health. Your mouth can give the dentist clues about your eating habits, oral hygiene, and other behaviors such as smoking and drug use.