How do you treat a plantar plate tear?

Treatment of a plantar plate tear

  1. Strapping the toes.
  2. Padding to offload the damaged area.
  3. Temporarily altering your footwear.
  4. Avoiding the activities that aggravate the pain.
  5. Anti-inflammatory medications.

Can a torn plantar plate heal?

Will the tear heal on its own? The tear often occurs in degenerate tissue and is unlikely to heal. The pain may subside over 6 months. If a deformity of the toe has developed this will not correct.

How long does it take for a torn plantar plate to heal?

How long does a plantar plate tear take to heal? A plantar plate tear takes longer to heal than most injuries because of the force of the entire body’s weight on it during normal walking. Non-weight bearing for 6-8 weeks is the optimal treatment for a plantar plate tear.

How do you repair a plantar plate tear?

In the case of chronic and severe deformities, surgical correction is often recommended. Essentially, the toe needs to be realigned in order to stabilize the joint. The plantar plate can also be repaired and tightened. Plantar plate correction surgery is fairly simple and has little to no downtime for patients.

Does a plantar plate tear require surgery?

Surgery may be necessary if the toe is stiff with an old injury or if the toe remains painful with deformity after non-surgical treatment. There are various surgical techniques that can be performed to repair the plantar plate tear, correct the toe deformity, and relieve pain.

How do you wrap a plantar plate tear?

Youtube quote:From the weight-bearing service note that the tape the base the tape on the top is right at the base of the toe. Just up to the proximal phalange joint.

Is a plantar plate tear painful?

As capsulitis progresses, the plantar plate can tear, causing persistent pain and swelling. Pain is typically felt in the ball of the foot, below the 2nd toe. Symptoms of a plantar plate tear can include: A dull ache or sharp pain in the ball of the foot.

How long does plantar plate surgery take?

Most plantar plate repair procedures take between 45-60 minutes. After repairing the ligament, your provider inserts a screw or wire to hold the ligament in place.